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There are a lot of mortgage lenders in the Minneapolis Minnesota area to choose from. As a Direct Mortgage Lender, our combination of loan programs, rates, and services are unsurpassed in the marketplace.

It is all about the customer experience! We deliver value-added loan solutions to fit every clients needs. Our goal is simple—to offer the unlimited loan options of a major lender with the personal service and feel of a family-owned business.


The success of your loan application is 10% the company you choose, and 90% the Loan Officer you choose. All our Loan Officers are fully licensed, tested, and vetted by the government with background checks. That is impressive, considering a whopping 80% of Loan Officers are simply registered, and DO NOT have a license! 5 Star Promise


1) COMPETITIVE RATES: Each individual mortgage loan is ran through our pricing engine to determine which bank or lender has the lowest interest rate and lowest costs. If there is a lower priced lender out there, we will find it


2) UNSURPASSED CUSTOMER SERVICE: Our entire staff is held to the highest possible standards ensuring each and every homeowner receives top-notch customer service. We only employ Licensed Loan Officers (not unlicensed loan application clerks like the banks). Our goal is to make the loan process fast, easy, and stress-free.


3) LOAN OPTIONS: Each and every homeowner has a unique situation. How long do you expect to stay in the home? Is your credit good or bad? Questions like these allow us to determine the right loan for you, and by having a large selection of available programs we're sure to satisfy your needs, including conventional, Jumbo, FHA, VA, USDA Rural Development, and more.


4) PRIVACY AND SECURITY: We are committed to protecting your personal information and identity. All documentation is secured under lock and key in compliance with the all State and Federal Laws, all electronic transmittals are via secure encryption, and all papers requiring destruction are securely shredded in a timely manner.


5) FIVE  YEAR REFINANCE: When you obtain your loan from The Joe Metzler Team at Cambria Mortgage, if you should decide to refinance it, for whatever reason, over the next 5 years, we will offer to refinance your loan with absolutely NO LENDER COSTS (3rd party fees and escrows will still apply). There's no fine print, other than you must make at least 6 payments on the initial loan. It's as simple as that, and only valid with The Joe Metzler Team only.


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