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If you are active military, or former military, the VA mortgage loans are one of the best benefits given to you for your service.

The VA mortgage loans extend to not only the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines but also to Reservists and National Guardsmen.

Some of the benefits of the VA Mortgage Loan Program are:

• The VA Mortgage Loans is no money down up to $417,000
• No monthly Mortgage Insurance is required
• Many VA Mortgage Loans are assumable
• It is easier to qualify for a VA Loan than a conventional loan
• VA Mortgage Loans can be streamline refinanced - IRRRL Loan


No Money Down Up to $417,000

You do not have to put any money down to qualify for a VA Home Mortgage Loan for up to $417,000. If the seller agrees to pay the closing costs, you may be able to purchase the home with no out of pocket cost. The loan and sales contract can be set up so that the VA Home Mortgage Loan cover 100% of the selling price and the seller covers the closing cost.


VA loans OVER $417,000

VA loans are zero down payment up to $417,000 in MN, WI, IA, ND, SD,CO, or FL . You can buy a home with a VA loan over $417,000, but now you will need a down payment.


The actual down payment formula is a bit more complicated that I am showing, but the quick get you very close version is that you will need about 25% of the difference between the homes purchase price and $417,000.


Purchase price minus $417,000 = Difference

Difference times 25% = down payment required.


For example, if you were to buy a home for $550,000, that is a difference of $133,000.  So your down payment will be about  $33,250, or 25% of $133,000.


Call (651) 552-3681 or contact us online to get the exact amount you will need for down payment.


The VA Funding Fee

The Veterans Administration assesses a Funding Fee to all VA loans that ranges from .5% for a VA refinance to as much as and 3.3% of the loan amount for a second use VA loan.


The fee is added into the amount of the loan to be paid over the life of your VA home mortgage loan. The VA Funding Fee replaces the much higher priced Mortgage Insurance required when you get a conventional home loan. It can be paid upfront, or rolled into the loan itself.


If you have over a 10% VA disability, the VA Funding Fee is waived.


Call (651) 552-3681 or contact us online to get the exact amount of your VA funding fee.


The VA Certificate of Eligibility

To obtain a VA, you do have to prove you are eligible. This is done with a document called a VA Certificate of Eligibility. If you have one, great, but lenders always need a current copy. As a approved VA lender, we can usually obtain your certificate for you.


VA Mortgage Loans are Assumable

VA loans are also assumable. If the person assuming the mortgage is a veteran with VA eligibility, the original veteran will not be giving up the amount of eligibility that they used to get the loan a the beginning. Veterans should use great care and closely investigate the terms of an assumption before allowing someone to assume their mortgage. It is too great a benefit to give up.


Qualifying for a VA Mortgage Loan


VA Streamline Refinance - VA Loans - Mortgages, MN, WI, IA, ND, SD,CO, or FL
, and SD, SDThe VA offers excellent qualifying standards. Even if you have experienced some financial difficulties in your life that caused your scores to be lower, but have maintained a good payment record over the past year or so, you may qualify for a VA mortgage loan. We lend with scores as low as 620. This can be a tremendous savings compared to the cost of conventional loans when the borrower's credit scores are low.




Looking to lower the monthly payment on your existing VA Loan? 


The VA offers a streamline refinance program known as an IRRRL Loan. VA mortgage loans have built in features allowing a loan to be refinanced to a lower interest rate without all of the criteria normally associated with a conventional loan.


With this Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan, the veteran can secure a lower interest rate with less paperwork, and maybe even without an appraisal. Closing costs of the transaction can be rolled into the loan, so there are no out of pocket costs. Learn more about the VA streamline refinance here.


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Zero Down Payment VA Loans in MN, WI, IA, ND, SD,CO, or FL

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The Department of Veteran Affairs requires those who offer VA Loans go through a stringent approval process. We are a VA approved mortgage lender and are proud to help military families use their VA Loan Benefits. We are not acting on behalf of, or under the direction of the VA or the Federal Government. The Veterans Administration does not lend directly to the public, only through approved lending institutions like Cambria Mortgage.