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Minneapolis, MN: Our MN, WI, IA, ND, SD,CO, or FL first time home buyer programs are designed to assist those ready to buy their first home. Our experienced loan officers will take your application, review your qualifications, then walk you through the entire home buying process to insure that you never feel without an experienced helping hand.


Popular first time home buyer loan programs include FHA Loans, VA Loans for or military personal, FHA 203k fixer upper loans, zero down USDA Rural Development loans, and down payment assistance loans of all kinds are designed to make it a little easier for first time home buyers to achieve the dream of home ownership.


We are a top lender in MN, WI, IA, ND, SD,CO, or FL for all these first time home buyer mortgage loan programs.


Picking a First Time Buyer Program:


Many first time buyers are told by their friends, family members,  their Real Estate Agent, or even read online about a mortgage program they think is good for them.


They may be right... But we think it is best to have a highly trained, and licensed Loan Officer review your the full application, then professionally zero in on the best programs for your individual situation, credit scores, etc.


FHA Loans:


The very popular FHA Loan in only requires a 3.50% down payment. This money can be your own money, a gift from a family member, or combined with down payment assistance loans. FHA loans are federally insured loans, so mortgage companies are more inclinded to lend to home buyers who have weaker credit history, and small down payments.


VA Loans:


VA loans are awesome. They offer zero down payment, and closing costs can be rolled into the loan, making for 100% financing. Of course VA Loans are only for active and former military personal.


You need your VA Certificate of Eligibility to prove your eligibility, but in most cases, we can get that for you. In addition to no down payment, VA home loans have the added benefit of not requiring PMI (private mortgage insurance), which amounts to a HUGE savings over other loans.


USDA Rural Development Loans:


Rural Development home loans are great for first time homeowners looking to buy a home in rural areas of MN, SD, and WI. USDA rural housing loan programs allow qualified homebuyers to get loans with minimal closing costs and no down payment.


The Rural Development Loans also have flexible credit standards, expanded qualifying ratios, no maximum purchase price limits and generous income limits. Closing costs can be rolled into the loan too.


Down Payment Assistance Programs
MHFA - The Minnesota Housing Finance Agency.


Down payment Assistance with MHFA loansIf you qualify, programs like Start Up and Step Up will provide you with down payment assistance in MN. Many people qualify for $3000 - $5000 worth of down payment assistance. Some people, even more! Call today to see if you qualify for assistance.




Seen a Homepath Eligible sign?

This means special financing options are available for Fannie Mae foreclosures. Buy these homes with as little as 3% down if you plan to live in the house, and just 10% down for investment properties. There is no appraisal needed, and no private mortgage insurance. Contact us for more details and a list of HomePath homes for sale in your area.


Conventional Loans:


Your plain vanilla everyday loan. Available in fixed, adjustable, and any loan term from 8-years to 30-years, with the 30-year fixed being the most popular. Conventional loans need at least 5% down payment. Also available for buying or refinancing second homes and investment properties.


Purchase or Refinance:


All of these loans are available for buying a home, or refinancing your existing home. FHA and VA both offer a streamline refinance with reduced documentation, and the possibility of no appraisal.


No Down Payment Loans:


No down payment home loans enable those who have not been able to save for a down payment to realize the dream of home ownership. We offer two mortgage programs with no money down 100% financing, and another program that requires only 3.5% down for all our Minnesota, South Dakota,  and Wisconsin home buyers. VA Lender, FHA Lender, USDA Lender in MN


USDA, VA and FHA Approved Lender:


 We are a USDA, VA and FHA Approved Lending Institution. While we are an approved lender, we are not part of HUD, FHA, The United States Government, the Department of Veteran Affairs, or the United States Department of Agriculture. We are not acting on behalf of, or under the direction of HUD/FHA or the Federal Government. FHA and VA do not lend directly to the public, only through approved lending institutions like Cambria Mortgage.


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