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The rules and guidelines for Minnesota Housing Finance Agency (MHFA) first time home buyer down payment assistance programs in MN are a bit overwhelming for most potential new home owners.


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You must meet the following household income eligibility guidelines. This is all income for those living in the home, not just whoever is applying for the loan.


These guidelines current as of May 2022 and subject to change


Start Up Program (with or without monthly payment assistance loan)

  AREA 1-2 people 3+ people
Metro $104,900 $120,600
Rochester Area $101,200 $116,300
Balance of State $93,100 $107,00


Step Up Program (You've owned a house before, with or without monthly payment assistance loan)



  AREA All households
Metro $156,800
Rochester Area $156,800
Balance of State $139,200




The home must cost less than the following:


Home Costs / Loan Limits
11 County Metro Area Balance of State
$306,000 $253,800


STEP THREE - Determine which type of down payment assistance you can obtain.


There are two down payment assistance options.

  • A deferred loan, where there are no payments due, and no interest due today. The loan must be paid back when you sell or no longer occupy the home. This option requires additional income limits (see below)
  • A monthly payment loan. You must begin paying this loan back immediately, amortized over a 10-year period. This option is available to everyone who qualifies for the MHFA program.


Your income must be at or below these income limits for the deferred down payment assistance option. (as of May 2022 and subject to change)

Household Size Twin Cities Metro area Balance of State Rochester Area

1-2 People




3 people




4 people




5 people




6 people




7 or more people




STEP FOUR - Down Payment Loan Options


View the three assistance qualification options below:


Key Features

Monthly Payment Loan

Deferred Payment Loan

Loan Amount

Up to $17,000 Up to $12,500

Loan Term

10-year term Equal to first mortgage term
Borrower Minimum Down payment Borrower must contribute $1,000 or 1% of the purchase price, whichever is less Borrower must contribute $1,000 or 1% of the purchase price, whichever is less


Amortizing loan.  Requires a monthly payment repaid in equal payments beginning right away Deferred payment.  Does not require monthly payments, but must be paid in full when you sell the home, or no longer occupy the home as your primary residence.

Interest Rate

Equal to first mortgage rate Interest-free

Income Limits

Use Start Start Up/Mortgage Credit Certificate/Step Up/Monthly Payment Loan Income Limits Deferred Payment Loan income limits (see above)

Homebuyer Education

Required Required

First-time Homebuyer Requirement

No Yes

Available with which Minnesota Housing first mortgage program(s)?

  • Start Up
  • MCC (with First Mortgage)
  • Step Up
Start Up

STEP FIVE - APPLY for your  Down Payment Assistance Loan in MN


Appling is super easy. 

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